Digital Immortality

From history to the future.

Immortalize your automobile.

Digital souls for dream cars.

Our mission is to use the most advanced technologies to perfectly record the stories of exclusive cars - from their inception - forever. Then to enable enthusiasts and investors to share ownership and gradually create collections of iconic cars that in many cases don't even appear on the regular market.

Authentic Replicas

Get a digital twin and pedigree for your collector car.

Digital Investment

Get direct access to a rare car and share it with interesting people. Make decisions about its future.

Secure NFTs.

All key data is recorded on the blockchain (ETH). This technology allows you to record history very securely, but also to support future successful sales.

For investors

Amazing opportunity for

Own, trade, and connect with authentic digital replicas of classic and exclusive cars. Experience the power of blockchain technology and automotive history.


Enthusiast Investors

Passionate about classic cars? Invest in real car NFTs for automotive history and global connections.




Community Ownerships

Create collections in the ordinary world of unattainable iconic cars. Have fun with their stories and share the excitement and investor success with the DEUS community.


Digital Asset Investors

All of our NFT collections are linked to real investment cars that our team at DEUS actively searches for around the world, scrutinizes their perfect provenance and condition, and then creates their perfect "digital twins".

Our Flag Ship

Check our iconic DEUS Z8

As the first DEUS collector's car, we have prepared for you a rare BMW Z8, in original condition with extremely low mileage and perfect history. You can hear its story here:

The BMW Z8 is a high-performance sports car that was produced by BMW from 1999 to 2003. It was inspired by the iconic BMW 507, which was a stylish roadster produced by BMW between 1956 and 1959.

Z8 Top

Available now




Car tour

Part of the DAO - voting rights

Profit from royalties - pool

GOLD profit share - pool

Access to DEUS events

Access to DEUS online events

Digital twin in garage

Witness of the story

'Whitelist' - Priority access to auctions

'Virtual co-owner'

Coming soon


Driving - in group

Car tour - in group

Access to DEUS events

Access to DEUS online events

Digital twin in garage

Witness of the story

'Whitelist' - Priority access to auctions

'Virtual co-owner'

Coming soon


Access to DEUS online events

Digital twin in garage

Witness of the story

'Whitelist' - Priority access to auctions

Our Application

Experience automotive history like never before

Our revolutionary app allows you to view, interact, and own digitized classic and exclusive cars as NFTs. Immerse yourself in the finest details, explore their history, and connect with a community.


Digital Twin

Allow us to introduce our automotive masterpiece – the impeccable "digital twin," meticulously crafted to complement each DEUS vehicle. This gateway to automotive excellence stands ready to dazzle you at your convenience, always at your service. Leveraging the might of Augmented Reality (AR), you can summon it into existence in a true-to-life 1:1 projection, virtually bringing your vehicle right before your very eyes. It faithfully replicates both the exterior and interior, capturing the essence of your physical ride with unwavering precision. This digital companion is also poised for adventures within the Metaverse of your choosing, ensuring it's readily accessible for your daily enjoyment.

Main Data

Key technical specifications, the VIN ("birth certificate"), and the venerable lineage of critical components such as the transmission and engine (matching numbers) are eternally etched onto the blockchain for DEUS vehicles. This unassailable ledger guarantees absolute transparency, revealing the inner sanctum of each vehicle for all to witness.


All pertinent vehicle documents coexist harmoniously in one centralized repository. This sanctuary not only facilitates effortless access but also serves as a repository of unimpeachable historical authenticity. These documents are dynamic entities, perpetually evolving, with all coowners enjoying effortless access to their invaluable insights.

The Story

Our mission is clear: every DEUS vehicle should possess its own unique narrative, accessible to all. Yet, it's paramount to comprehend the "why" behind the genesis of each automobile, its role within the automotive tapestry, and DEUS' visionary commitment to it.


Within this treasure trove resides all visual splendor, not just of the model but, more intimately, of each individual vehicle. It's an intersection of artistry and narrative, a canvas enriched by the stories of its previous custodians, often remarkable figures in their own right.


For the discerning connoisseur, this is where the magic unfolds. Whether it be illustrious journalistic exposés, glowing reviews, or memorable automotive spectacles, you're likely to discover them within this arena of automotive enlightenment.

Behind The Project

Pioneering blockchain technology in the automotive world

Discover the inception and journey behind Deus - the visionaries, the passion, and the relentless pursuit to immortalize classic and exclusive cars in the digital realm through cutting-edge NFT technology.

In the heart of a passionate automotive community, a group of visionary individuals came together with a shared dream - to bridge the gap between the cherished past and the boundless possibilities of the digital future. Fueled by an unyielding love for classic and exclusive cars, they sought to preserve automotive history in a groundbreaking way.

Combining their expertise in blockchain technology, digital artistry, and automotive heritage, they embarked on a journey to digitize real classic and exclusive cars into NFTs - an endeavor that would forever change the landscape of digital investing.

“Thanks to Deus, I have the opportunity to appreciate the investment and fulfil my passion as a collector of exceptional cars and share it with others.”

Filip Major

Filip Major - Founder, Partner




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